Lancashire Reads

Lancashire Reads is a year-long adult reading initiative aiming to get more people in Lancashire reading regularly.

In 2021 we want to encourage adults to set their own reading targets for the year - maybe you will want to read more classics, more prize winners, or set yourself a target of how many books you can read in a year!

It doesn't matter what you read – whether it's 1000 page epics on eBook, new novels on eAudiobook, biographies, crime capers or graphic novels. We want to start a conversation with the booklovers of Lancashire and encourage you to start a new year's reading resolution!

We will be promoting themes throughout the year to give you some inspiration and ideas, and would love to hear your feedback! New for this year we have launched Lancashire Libraries Facebook Book Chat Group where you can go to discuss your favourite reads and share recommendations with fellow readers. 

Our January Lancashire Reads theme is all about Feel Good Reads! This is all about finding a book that makes us feel happy, and celebrating the positive power of reading. We will be sharing feel good reading recommendations on social media and on the library catalogue, where you will find an excellent selection of books in print or to download.

We also have a great selection of Always Available titles for you to choose from this month, including:

The Women of Primrose Square by Claudia Carroll download the eBook from BorrowBox or eAudiobook from BorrowBox

The Positive Habit by Fiona Brennan download the eAudiobook or eBook from BorrowBox. 

Keep checking our Digital Library and Lancashire Libraries social media accounts, as more titles will be added throughout the month.

We will be keeping lists of all the reading recommendations that we get, and you can see those on our online catalogue. Please join us and share your reviews and recommendations on our library catalogue, Twitter and Facebook, or with the staff in your local Lancashire Library.

So join in, share your reviews and recommendations and see what others are reading and recommending on:

  • our library catalogue - log in and find the book to leave your review using the tag lancs_reads_2021, or make your own list.
  • find out what other Lancashire readers are reading on our catalogue lists
  • Twitter use #LancsReads2021 and follow us on @lancspublib
  • Facebook look out for our Lancashire Reads posts on @lancslibraries and leave your reviews in the comments using #LancsReads2021
  • or with the staff in your local Lancashire library

If you need any help leaving a review please contact us