Lancashire and the COVID 19 pandemic archive collection

Help us create a new collection so that future generations understand the effect of COVID19 on everyday life in Lancashire.

You can write it down, draw, make a sound recording or short video recording or take photographs about what has changed and how you feel about it.

Your written experience could be a daily diary, about a single day or event or a poem. Or you might record, video or photograph what life has been like at home, work or where you live.

Contributions are welcome from all ages including children.

Please make sure that you have the permission of anyone who might be identified in the images.

Other Covid 19 material

We would also appreciate your help in collecting other material such as

  • Leaflets/flyers/posters from district councils and other local government institutions about the pandemic
  • Material from local business relating to closures or changes to how they operate
  • Advice from local organisations about hygiene, social distancing and self-isolation
  • Information about community efforts to help vulnerable and isolated persons
  • Information from local schools regarding closures and home-schooling.

See a selection of images from Lancashire's Covid 19 Archive on Red Rose Collections

How to submit your contribution

You can send any contributions by email to including your name, age and the place where you live (not your full address).

You can send hard copy (please include your name, age and the place where you live (not your full address) to:

Lancashire Archives
Bow Lane,
PR1 2RE 

Please include your name, age and the place where you live (not your full address).

If you have digital files too large to email please contact us at

What we receive will be kept safe for the future and made available for other people to read, look at, listen to and watch.  Your name and age will be included unless you ask for it to be left out. If you want to restrict public access to your contribution for a while, please let us know.

If you decide to take part, please do not risk your own or anyone else's health whilst gathering this material. All government guidelines regarding hygiene, social distancing and self-isolation should be followed.