Box making service

Made to measure acid free archival boxes

Protection for your documents

Lancashire Archives box-making service offers tailor-made storage boxes designed to provide secure and space-saving packaging for archival media, books, photographs, artefacts and ephemera. Boxes can be made in two standard formats, a single-piece, drop spine box, or a two-piece, tray and lid design. Both box designs are constructed from acid free archival quality boxboard for long-term protection of archival material.


Our standard material is E Flute premium fluted core boxboard; this is equivalent to 1300 micron in gauge. On request, we can also supply boxes cut from solid core premium boxboard in 1000 micron. All our boxboard is coloured mid grey on the outside and off white on the inside. 

Sizes and prices

Boxes can be made in many different combinations of size and shape from a small toy box right up to a large costume box. For economy of scale it is also possible to run several different sized boxes together and cut them from the same sheet. We are happy to make a single box and offer volume discounts for quantities of over 50 boxes. 

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