Facing the Past

Facing the Past is a new project for Lancaster. 

Lancaster was the 4th largest port for transatlantic slavery, a trade which overall resulted in the enslavement of 3.1 million Africans and which made a number of Lancastrians very wealthy. Their family names are reflected in the city’s buildings, institutions, streets and in the Priory churchyard, whilst the names and the stories of those enslaved remain largely unknown. Facing the Past aims to bring meaning and lead to better understanding, whilst raising questions and inspiring further enquiry. Through art projects, it aims to reflect, reveal, and redress omissions in our collective memory of the role Lancaster played in the transatlantic slave trade and of the enslaved people who came through or stayed here.

Facing The Past is a collaboration between Black History Lancaster, Judges' Lodgings Museum, Lancaster Priory, More Music, other partners and local schools. It has been funded by Arts Council England.