Advice for cyclist and walkers

Advice for cyclists

  • Keep to your side of any dividing line (but if in doubt, keep left).
  • Give way to pedestrians, wheelchair users and horse riders and acknowledge those that give way to you.
  • Don’t expect to cycle at high speeds and be prepared to slow down or stop if necessary.
  • Take special care at junctions, bends and entrances, especially in the wet.
  • Watch your speed going downhill
  • Fix a bell to your bike and use it to warn others of your approach. However, remember that some people are hard of hearing or visually impaired and so don’t assume they can hear or see you.

Advice for walkers and others

  • Keep to your side of any dividing line.
  • Be aware of children learning to cycle, who may swerve unexpectedly.
  • Take care at junctions, bends and entrances, or where visibility is limited.
  • Keep dogs under control - dog waste can be put in bags in the litter bins.
  • Let cyclists pass you.

Staying safe

Flooding - Please be aware that in times of prolonged rain the River Ribble can rise rapidly and occasionally floods part of the route. The section between Lower Brockholes (by the A59 Bridge) and London Road is particularly vulnerable. When the river is in flood do not attempt to use this section of the route as the water is very fast flowing and deep. The route also floods on Sandygate Lane where it crosses Blundell Brook.

Steep slopes – There are some steep slopes on the route which may not be suitable for wheel chair users and cyclists should proceed with caution. The slope in Boilton Wood (north of Brockholes Nature Reserve) is particularly steep and cyclists are strongly advised to dismount.