Getting started

You don't need much to start cycling, just a bike and a helmet.

It's up to you, whether you think you need a new bike, or want to fix up your old bike in the shed.

We are Cycling UK provide advice for beginners on how to get started. 

Fix your bike scheme

The Government are running a popular Fix Your Bike scheme which may help you get your bike road worthy again.

Reconditioned bikes

If you haven't got a bike but would like one we may be able to help.

We work with Active Lancashire to find new owners for bikes which are collected from some of our recycling centres, and received through donations from Lancashire Constabulary.

Active Lancashire's Cycle Recycle scheme has workshops based at five local organisations where these bikes are reconditioned and made roadworthy again. All you need to do to get started is provide your contact details and they will get in touch.

Buying a new bike

Cycling Weekly has some great tips if you need to buy a new bike, and don't forget to check if your employer does the Cycle to work scheme

Wearing a helmet

If you already have a helmet that's been gathering dust, they do have a shelf life so check before using it as you may need a new one.