Working-age population dashboards

As part of the JSNA, four interactive dashboards have been created to visualise the data, providing insight on health, wellbeing and the wider determinants of health for the working-age population. Where possible, all data and statistics are quoted for the 16-64 population. If this is not available the age range is clearly identified and may incorporate younger and older ages. 

The main dashboard (below) contains an overview and links to the recommendations and reports accompanying the dashboards. Please note, some of the content on these pages is still being developed, so if no data is displayed for an area then we are actively working to add it. Click on the dashboard links to view each one. 

For help on using these dashboards, please look at our tips and hints (PDF, 454KB). For help on understanding neighbourhood geographies, please look at our geographies page.  

You can make selections by clicking on the down arrow next to the district and you can put the dashboard into full screen mode by clicking on the double headed arrow in the bottom right hand corner.

Feedback on these dashboards would be welcomed to

Please feel free to use any of the information in our dashboards, acknowledging Lancashire JSNA when you do. 

Page updated June 2019