Higher Education

The dashboard below looks at the number of students in higher education (HE) at universities in the Lancashire-14 area. HE normally includes undergraduate and postgraduate study. 

In 2017/18, it was estimated that there were approximately 59,500 HE students studying in the Lancashire-14 area, the majority of whom (53,739) attended the four main universities of the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), Lancaster University, Edge Hill and Cumbria (Lancaster Campus). It was estimated that there were a further 5,800 people studying higher education courses at further education colleges in the Lancashire-14 area in 2017/18.

The number of students in the four universities in the Lancashire-14 area has been falling gradually over the last four years, down by 3,516 students (-6.0%). Only Lancaster University is bucking the trend with an increase of 1,245 students, or 9.6%, since 2014/15.

Updated: May 2019