Every Action Has Consequences

Adam Rogers was punched just once in the face in Blackburn Town Centre whilst he was trying to act as a peacemaker. The punch was so hard it knocked Adam out before he hit the ground. This meant he could not break his fall and fatal damage was done as his head hit the ground. Adam died a few hours later at the hospital.

Adam's family and friends have set up a charity called 'Every Action Has Consequences' in his memory, and they work hard to educate young people about the devastating effects that a violent action can have. The charity helps to educate young people about the futility of violence in our streets. They produce education packs and resources to encourage positive and responsible behaviour among young adults and work with offenders in prisons.

Our Lesson Plans

Primary School Teacher Sherryl Wright


Like A Visit from the Team?

The Every Action Has Consequences team can visit to train staff, deliver lessons or speak at assemblies. All that they ask is that you make a donation to their charity. For more information please contact pat@eahconsequences.com