Support for children and families with food vouchers

Funding to help support children and families with food vouchers over the summer has been provided by central government's Covid Support Grant with the shortfall being made up by Lancashire County Council.

Families whose children receive benefits-related free school meals will receive vouchers to help with the costs of food over the summer.

We will fund schools to provide vouchers worth a total of £90. Schools may provide this to parents and carers in one payment of £90 to cover the entire school holiday, or by weekly payments of £15. Each individual school will decide on how the vouchers are distributed to parents and carers.

The electronic shopping vouchers will be distributed from the schools that the children and young people attend and will be available to use to buy food at a range of supermarkets from the start of the school summer holiday.

This latest funding replaces the Covid Winter Grant Scheme.


If your family are eligible for free school meals, your school will be in touch with you about the voucher scheme. Parents who think their family is newly eligible should contact their school as soon as possible.

Any problems with voucher codes

If you experience any issues with your voucher code, then please email: with the details.

The previous scheme

The latest grant replaces the government's Covid Winter Grant Scheme, which was in place from November 2020 and 16 April 2021.

The scheme was set up in November last year to support families and individuals who need extra help during the school holidays.

The scheme provided help to families and some vulnerable individuals with:

  • Vouchers for families to buy food during the Christmas, February half term and Easter holidays
  • Help with household energy bills

All of the Winter Support Grant funding has been distributed to families in need. This scheme has now closed and been replaced with the Covid Local Support Grant, with details shown above.

Other help for people who need it

If you have suffered a loss or reduction in your income due to coronavirus, our guide explains the different ways you may be able to get financial help.