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Becoming a foster carer is one of the most emotionally rewarding things you can do - you’re helping vulnerable children or young people by nurturing them and building their self-esteem.

Being there for them and helping them to try and make sense of their situation is an enormous reward in itself. You’ll be helping and supporting them through a difficult time in their lives.

Take a look at the profiles below and find out why our carers decided to get into fostering and hear from them what it's really like.


Lynne is a single foster carer who has been fostering for 17 years.


Our foster carer Ahmed has been fostering since 2011 and in that time has fostered a variety of children from different ages and backgrounds.

Sharon and Uni

Sharon and Uni are both in our early 50s and have been fostering for 18 years.


Our foster carer Amanda talks about her experience of caring for two teenage brothers on a long-term basis.

Nichola and Gary

This couple are in their thirties and have been fostering with us for five years alongside bringing up their own family.

Sheila and John

Sheila and her husband John have fostered dozens of children in their 18 years as foster carers and share some great insight into fostering.

Barbara and Keith

This couple have been fostering for three years and recently started a parent and child placement, sharing their home with a mother and baby.

Kath and Dave

Kath and her husband Dave have been foster carers for six years. After working in childcare, Kath wanted to do something where she could really make a difference.


Denise is single and has been fostering with us for nine years. She was unable to have birth children but really wanted to have children in her life.

Joanna and Stuart

Joanna and Stuart started fostering in their fifties and are caring for two children with additional needs.

Sandra and Barry

Sandra and her husband Barry talk about fostering a teenager for the first time after mainly fostering younger children.

James and Paula

James is a firefighter and he talks about fostering from the perspective of a public service worker with his wife Paula.

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