Finn came into foster care at 11 months old. He came as an emergency placement and stayed with his foster carer for two years. He was from a large family and his parents both had learning difficulties. They couldn't manage and so Finn and his siblings were taken into care.

Finn had been very neglected, he was under stimulated and developmentally delayed. When he sat on the floor, he would fall over and he couldn’t roll or get himself back up again.

His foster carers say he liked to stroke their faces with his soft little hands and this melted their hearts forever. He grew to love family life and loved playing together, singing, rhymes and games of hide and seek.

In time he grew in confidence and became more outgoing, he loved visits to playgroups, swimming, the park, the seaside and holidays. In his foster carer's words, he loved being loved and life itself.

In the two years with them he blossomed into a beautiful, adventurous, happy little chap who was ready to face the next step he had to take. He is now settling in to a lovely new adoptive family, who have also adopted one of his brothers.

Both he and his brother are still doing extremely well in their new family and are now very happy.

This is a real-life case study, but we have changed the name and image of the child to protect their identity.

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