Fostering older children and teenagers

Read more about the experiences of foster carers who foster older children and teenagers. They share their experiences of fostering teenagers and the support they have been able to give older children and teenagers to make a real difference at a crucial time in their lives.


Amanda has been fostering teenagers for over 6 years. She tells us about what she has learned and the support she's received from other foster carers and professionals.

Marieta and Stevie

Marieta, Stevie and their family have been fostering with us for almost 12 years and have looked after all ages from babies to 17 years. They currently look after two teenagers and a ‘tween who likes to act very much like a teenager!

Foster carer diary: Dianne and Bev

Dianne and Bev foster 5 children, including a teenager and share their weekly diary. They have fostered Susan and Ben for the past 8 years, and cared for Annabell, Adam and Milly via a Special Guardianship Order for the last 5 years.

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