Code Club (Carnforth)

Saturday, 10 March 2018 from 10:00 - 11:00

at Carnforth Library every Saturday during school term time

Code Club is aimed at children aged 9 – 11 years (Parental consent required), but we are happy for younger children to come along and have a go, if they have good computer skills.
Come along to the library to learn how to code.
Learning to code is an important skill now we’re living in a digital age. It’s not just enough for children to know how to use technology. They should know how it works and how to build it too.
Learning to code doesn’t just mean you can become a developer - it strengthens problem solving and logical thinking skills, and is useful for a range of other disciplines, careers and hobbies.
The sessions are really informal and drop in, so if you can't make it in at 9.30. then just come along when you can!

  • Coding is fun

  • Coding is creative

  • Coding is empowering

In this 'digital age', children spend an awful lot of their time with video games, computers and devices. But, they are only passively consumingdigital technology. With coding, they take control, literally creating their own entertainment and learning how digital technology 'ticks' in the process.

  • Coding helps thinking

  • Coding helps learning

  • Coding helps problem solving

  • Coding helps employability

This event is free, no ticket required.

For more information, please contact us

Location: Carnforth Library, Lancaster Road, Carnforth, LA5 9DZ

Organizer: Carnforth Library