Greenhouse gas emissions from the county council

This is report details Lancashire County Councils greenhouse gas emissions for 2013/14, which is the 5th year of reporting.  The information is presented within an excel spreadsheet (Lancashire County Council Emissions Worksheet) which gives information regarding the last 5 years emissions.

Scope of report

The scope of the report reflects the greenhouse gas emissions from Lancashire County Council's estate and operations reporting CO2e.  This means that all major greenhouse gases (including methane and nitrous oxide) are included.

The emissions included are from:

  • Energy (gas, heating oil and electricity) used in County Council premises (eg libraries, offices, depots, youth centres)
  • Energy (gas, heating oil and electricity) used in Schools (primary, secondary and nursery)
  • Electricity used in street-lighting
  • Fuel used by fleet vehicles
  • Staff business mileage

Some sources of emissions are excluded because of the cost of data collection as they are known or thought to be extremely small.  These include fugitive emissions from air conditioning and refrigeration and staff business travel by public transport.

The organisation has been defined according to the same criteria as apply for the Carbon Reduction Commitment  - Energy Efficiency Scheme, although for the purposes of this report academy schools and the portfolio of properties owned by the County Council's pension fund have been excluded as the County Council does not have any control over the operation of these.

Changes between years

Lancashire County Council has had a programme of investment in energy efficiency improvements in buildings, street-lighting and services over several years.  However, energy use for space heating in buildings is dependent on the weather conditions. The data reported here has not been adjusted to take this into consideration.

Conversion factors used

This report utilised the latest guidance from DECC and the conversion factors from Defra (last updated May 2014).  These are available from:

The information was updated in 2012/13 to reflect the changes requested by DECC and Defra.

"Our carbon footprint has been restated for all years in order to account for material changes to conversion factors provided by DEFRA for company reporting purposes".

Further Sources of information

Information on GHG Reporting:

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