Payments to suppliers

Reports detailing payments to suppliers of over £250 (including VAT) are published to our website on a monthly basis, as part of our commitment to be open, honest and accountable in all that we do.

All payments to individuals have personal details removed to comply with the data protection act. In these cases, details of the payment are included, but the supplier column will show as ‘Redacted’. In the reports all the service descriptions and spend categories are Lancashire County Council's own accounting codes.

Accessing our reports

To access our payment reports, please use our search facility.

Understanding our reports

Redacted information

There are different explanations for why personal details have been removed from our reports.

  • Redacted due to type of spend (subjective code) - sometimes whole types of spend contain personal details. For example, Foster carer payments include their names
  • Redacted due to supplier classification – like the 'type of spend' a whole group suppliers have been identified by type of supplier
  • Redacted due to supplier – this is where one individual name should be removed
  • Redacted – identified by the Procurement team

In some cases a supplier's costs may be combined to protect commercial confidentiality.

Costs less than £250

Some costs of less than £250 may appear in our reports as:

  • We are required to list costs after VAT has been taken off.
  • Some invoices may be for several different items and the spend has been split between different types of expenditure.

Travel and Subsistence

Travel and subsistence payments are totals not individual payments.

Payment performance statistics

Last modified 1 May 2018

Lancashire County Council publishes the following information on the payment of invoices within 30 days on an annual basis in relation to regulation 113 of the Public Contract Regulations 2016 as follows:

Pay performance

Financial Year Proportion of valid and undisputed invoices paid within 30 days in accordance with regulation 113    The amount of interest paid to suppliers due  to a breach of the requirement in regulation 113
2016/17 79.81% £2448.07
2015/16 77.57% £494.64

The total amount of interest that the contracting authority was liable to (whether or not paid and whether under any statutory or other requirement), due to a breach of Regulation 113;

2017/18 £3,976,480.48
2016/17 £3,485,799.84