Current status of the scheme

The majority of the works on the Pennine Reach Scheme have been completed including:

  • Accrington Bus Station, opened 10th July 2016 
  • Rishton – Blackburn Road/High Street/Harwood Road junction
  • Great Harwood Interchange
  • Park Road, Great Harwood – road widening works
  • Hare & Hounds junction phase 1- preliminary works including new traffic signals
  • Car parks at Warwick Avenue, Clayton Hall Drive, Clayton Street and Canal Street
  • A bus lane on Whalley Road between Lynwood Avenue and the Sparth Road junction (in the direction of Accrington)
  • Church Gateway
  • Various bus stops and shelters

Outstanding works

Location Proposed start date Proposed completion date
1.  Minor footway alterations at junction of Market Street and Blackburn Road, Church To be determined – subject to land acquisition To be determined – subject to compulsory order process and general vesting declaration
2.  Proposed bus lane South of the Hare & Hounds junction, Clayton le Moors To Be Determined – subject to land acquisition and consultation. A public consultation on the proposed traffic regulation order for the works is required and a decision made before any works can commence. This consultation will take place once the residents parking off Whalley Road has progressed.

Details of proposed works

  1. Junction of Market Street and Blackburn Road, Church

As part of Pennine Reach, improvements were made to the highway junction known as 'Church Gateway', the junction between the A679, Market Street and Blackburn Road in Church. 

The majority of the junction has been constructed and is in use.

However, there is small section of footway at the corner of Blackburn Road and Market Street that has not yet been completed because some of the land required is in private ownership. The county council is progressing with a compulsory purchase order and general vesting declaration to acquire the land.

The land is required to provide a fully accessible footway and to meet design standards. The works to improve the footway are minor and will be carried out without any major disruption to the junction.

  1. South of the Hare & Hounds junction(Accrington side), Clayton le Moors

            The Pennine Reach proposals for the south side (Accrington side) of the junction are still to be fully consulted on.

            Proposals include:

  • A dedicated bus lane on Whalley Road on approach to the Hare and Hounds junction, northbound
  • On street parking would not be permitted along the length of the bus lane on both sides of Whalley Road
  • New alternative (replacement) parking areas are being considered behind the houses on Whalley Road and a new car park on the site of the former St James' church on Clayton Street (this car park is complete)