You said, we did

Theme You said… We are doing…
Planned works Improve information before schemes start. Ensure all properties are letter dropped and adequate signing in advance of work's starting.
Responsive works We are not as responsive as you'd like us to be. Additional capital investment in responsive maintenance works Consultation held with County Councillors on a district basis to inform priorities. Introducing a pothole 'find and fix' approach.
Potholes Quality and speed of repair for potholes was seen as poor. Publish a Pothole Policy to be clear about service standards. Provide refresh training jointly to Highway Safety Inspectors and repair gangs to ensure consistency and expected standards met.
Reporting highway defects The Report It website didn't provide user friendly feedback and was cumbersome to use. User experience survey to drive improvements. Looking to deliver: More bespoke responses to queries logged. Automatic logging of details if user has previously used the system.  
Public realm Dissatisfaction with state of verges. Increased frequency of grass cutting. Partnership working with district councils to facilitate this.
Street lighting Introducing LED lighting may cause dark spots. Review each query and if necessary fit a more appropriate LED.
School zig-zag enforcement Zig-zags not enforced Provide dedicated targeted enforcement