Managing coronavirus in the county

Our Lancashire COVID19 Outbreak Control Plan sets out how we'll prevent and manage coronavirus cases and outbreaks in the county, including in high-risk places such as care homes, as well as workplaces and schools.

As a council, we have already been working together with local NHS, our district councils, Public Health England and various community organisations, and will continue to do so to prevent the spread, protect people and respond when there's an increase in local cases.

We know that Coronavirus affects some communities more than others, and we'll be working to identify the reasons for this, and look at how to reduce it.

Our plan includes how we will support local businesses and vulnerable people in preventing them from being affected in the first place as well as by increasing people's understanding of the risks and how we can all protect ourselves.

If two or more cases are reported in a particular place within 14 days of each other, a careful and timely assessment will be made to implement immediate actions to prevent further spread and by tracing the source of the infection to disrupt the ongoing transmission.

By finding out quickly and effectively about cases, we can provide information and support to people, helping them to stay safe and protect themselves, as well as their family and friends.

People who are asked to stay at home and 'self-isolate' will be offered support if they need it for shopping, accessing health care, getting medication and other help.

Take a look at our plan, which includes more detail on the approach we'll be taking to protect and support people in Lancashire.

Directions given under new health protection regulations

View Directions given under the Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (England) (No.3) Regulations