Reopening libraries

The cabinet has made the decision to reopen libraries which closed in 2016, wherever possible. 

The following libraries have now reopened:

We are also supporting communities to run their own community libraries.


Library membership

Join a library

You can apply to join a library online or at your local library. It's free to join and there are no age restrictions.

Update your details

If you already have a library card you can update your details if they have changed or you would like to change which library your reserved books go to.

Account expiry

Your library account will expire every three years and will need renewing for you to continue to use our services. If you don't regularly visit your local library, you may be unaware of this. To check your account expiry date log into your account and go to 'Settings'.

To reset your account expiry date, or to re-activate your account if it has expired you can update your details, call into a library or telephone 0300 123 6703.

Decisions and updates

On 8 November, Cabinet decided to reopen Cleveleys library as a county council run library service.  The Cabinet had previously approved in principle a proposal to transfer Cleveleys library to the community organisation UR Potential. However, the group has withdrawn its interest and the county council has decided to reopen and run the library itself.

On 8 November, Cabinet decided to reopen Pike Hill library as a county council run library service. The Cabinet had previously given final approval for the transfer of Pike Hill Library to Veterans Association UK. However, the group has withdrawn its interest and the county council has decided to reopen and run the library itself.

On 8 November, Cabinet agreed to no longer consider relocating Kirkham library to nearby Milbanke Day Centre. The library will stay in its current location. 

On 11 October, Cabinet agreed in principle to a community asset transfer application to hand over the ownership of the former Penwortham library to Penwortham Town Council, subject to final agreement over the terms of the transfer. This is to enable the Town Council to establish a new Penwortham Library Theatre and develop the site into a centre for social interaction for the community of Penwortham. 

The Penwortham Library Theatre will also become a community hub for many of the local arts and voluntary community groups within the town. A Penwortham information desk, a small museum of Penwortham artefacts and an area where local community groups can meet will also be provided.

Cabinet also approved in principle in January 2017, to a community asset transfer to Penwortham Town Council of the former Penwortham Young People's Centre which will include establishing an independent community-run library.

On 11 October, Cabinet agreed to a community asset transfer, handing over the ownership of the former Upholland library in West Lancashire to Artz for All, a community interest company which provides creative opportunities and services to people, schools and organisations across the district.

Artz for All intends to turn the building into an arts centre, providing opportunities for young people to take part in activities such as drama, music, dance and photography, as well as providing space for wider community activities where possible.

The organisation will also establish an independent community-run library.

The mobile library vehicle has undergone its compulsory annual service which resulted in further work being necessary in order for it to pass the MOT.

It will now be available for customers again on Friday 12 October.

St Anne's library is a highly valued asset in the local area as well as being a Grade 2 listed building and Carnegie library. In recognition of this, we have commissioned works to ensure that the library is in good condition and is able to continue to be used by the community.

The works taking place over the next few months are complex and will take some time to complete because of the very specific requirements relating to such a building.

We appreciate local concerns and would like to assure members of the community that every effort is being made to finish these important works so that St Anne's library is able to reopen safely to the public.

We are installing an information board on the fencing around the outside of the site whilst the works are ongoing and regular updates will be posted on our website.

Contractors are moving onsite in May and activity over the next few months will include:

  • Setting up the site to secure the area, protect the building and putting up scaffolding
  • Carrying out structural repairs to the walls, windows and roof trusses
  • Repairing external drains
  • Restoring the roof cupola
  • Weather sealing the building – waterproofing flat roofs
  • Renewing the plumbing and electrics
  • Restoring the inside of the building including the plaster work and painting
  • Fitting out the new library layout and public network computers
  • Re-stocking the books and getting ready to open.

A temporary mobile library service started on Monday 26 March at the Public Offices, 288 Clifton Drive South, St Anne's. The mobile unit will stay until the work at the library building has been completed. 

We have worked with Fylde Borough Council to find a suitable location for the temporary library to ensure people have access to library services.

Some of St Anne's services are being delivered from Ansdell library including collecting reserved items and some events (see events listings for details). Ansdell library and Kirkham library will continue to open additional hours while St Anne's library is closed.

The registration service is operating on a temporary basis from the Lancashire County Council Estates Office, Hastings Place, Lytham until St Anne's library reopens.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

We are still working to bring Lytham library to the Assembly Rooms and are  ensuring that the necessary legal agreements are all in place. Work will then need to be carried out within the building.

We're currently looking to open the library there next year, and we'll let you know an opening date once this is clearer.

On 14 June, the Cabinet agreed plans to run Lytham library from the Assembly Rooms on Dicconson Terrace.

This decision took account of the installation cost, ongoing premises cost and liability, the needs of the community and the service requirements to run a sustainable and efficient library. We also liaised with Fylde Borough Council as owners of both the Assembly Rooms and Lytham Institute buildings.

The Assembly Rooms are owned by Fylde Borough Council and operated by Lytham Town Trust.

The three options that Cabinet considered were the future running of the library from the Assembly Rooms, the Lytham Institute or the Lancashire County Council offices on Hastings Place. The Friends of Lytham Library and Institute and the Lytham Town Trust both submitted business cases .These were considered as part of the work that was done by officers to assess the suitability of potential locations for a modern library service

The option to reopen the library at the Assembly Rooms costs less than half the amount to reopen at Lytham Institute.

For more information view the report to Cabinet 14 June 2018.

The former Trawden library has now transferred from Lancashire County Council to the Trustees of Trawden Forest Community Centre. The group is currently carrying out renovation work and upgrading the facilities.

On 9 August, Cabinet decided to reopen Bamber Bridge library as a county council run library service.  The Cabinet had previously approved in principle a proposal to transfer Bamber Bridge library to 1st Bamber Bridge Scouts, who planned to use the building as their new HQ, operate a community library and make space available for other community activities.

The decision to instead reopen the library as a county council-run facility was made after the Cabinet considered a report which outlined that while it was evident that the group run entirely by volunteers would make good use of the premises for their core Scouting activities, since the previous Cabinet decision in October 2017 the project has not progressed at the pace hoped for and the community library and the community library offer was not a viable proposition.

On 9 November, Cabinet approved turning down a proposal for a community asset transfer (CAT) for Rishton library and overturned the decision to make it surplus to county council requirements. Rishton library has remained operational and will now continue to stay open.

For more information view the report to Cabinet 9 November 2017.

Further consideration is being given to library provision in Briercliffe, Rosegrove, Chatburn, Read and Northfleet. Find out more about the decisions made.