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Equality objectives 2016

The Public Sector Equality Duty required that by 6 April 2012 all public authorities publish at least one equality objective and that these objectives can last for up to four years. As the county council produced its first objectives in April 2012 these now require updating.

Introduction and context

The county council already has in place its Equality, Cohesion and Integration Strategy 2014-2017 with its associated vision and objectives for Lancashire. This is:

"Our vision for a fair and cohesive Lancashire

"The county council is committed to understanding our communities and their needs. As a community leader, employer and service provider we want our services to reflect what matters to local people irrespective of their background. We aim to promote a sense of personal and social responsibility across neighbourhoods, to advance equality of opportunity for all and inspire our communities and citizens to realise their potential. We celebrate the diversity of our communities while fostering a sense of common ground and good relations between them. Lancashire does not tolerate unlawful discrimination, harassment, threats and extremism that affect individuals or divide our communities and we will work in partnership to respond to these issues."

The county council is also developing its Corporate Strategy for the period 2015-2021 which is based on the following fundamental elements:

"Our core purpose is to work for the people of Lancashire to enable them:

  • To live a healthy life
  • To live in a decent home in a good environment
  • To have employment that provides an income that allows full participation in society

"Our vision is that every child born today in Lancashire, and every citizen will grow up and live in a community and an environment that enables them to live healthier for longer, have a job when they leave education and achieve their full potential throughout life.

"Our values are to be fair, trustworthy, ambitious and to have belief in people."

We have developed the equality objectives below as a response to meeting the specific duty and to reflect our Equality, Cohesion and Integration and Corporate Strategies.  These objectives are also set in the context of a council transformation process which is currently ongoing and is not due for completion until April 2018.

Equality objectives

Our objectives are:

  • To establish a robust and comprehensive system for relevant monitoring and performance review of employment and service data
  • To make sure our information and services are accessible to the people we serve
  • To make sure that all the communities we serve are satisfied with the information and services we provide
  • To build on our communities' trust and confidence in the County Council
  • To support actions that improve the quality of life for all people in Lancashire through partnership working
  • To work with our partners to develop our approach to tackling hate crime and hate incidents throughout Lancashire
  • To work with our partners in providing effective support for asylum seekers and refugees who come to Lancashire
  • To work with our partners to effectively tackle extremism through delivery of the Prevent Duty and challenge intolerance of any kind across Lancashire and build stronger, more cohesive communities
  • To be a fair employer to all employees and job applicants, including those with protected characteristics in terms of our arrangements for recruitment, selection, terms and conditions and dismissal

These objectives will be refined and refreshed in light of the completion of the County Council Transformation when the next Equality, Cohesion and Integration Strategy is produced.