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COMAH plans

To ensure that arrangements are in place to deal with the off-site consequences of an incident at the site however unlikely, Lancashire County Council produce an off-site emergency plan. This is a requirement under the Control of Major Accident Hazards 1999 (as amended) – known as COMAH.

For information about these regulations go to the following link:

Amendment 2008

The off-site plan is in addition to the company on-site plan and is developed by the County Council working with a number of organisations including the local authority, emergency services, health organisations and staff from the site. The plan is designed to protect the public and environment from any emergency which may have off-site consequences.

A key part of the off site plan relates to giving information to people who live and work in the immediate vicinity of the site (known as the Public Information Zone). Security protocols mean that a substantial part of the off site plan cannot be placed in the public domain.

All persons and organisations within the Public Information Zone around the site have been issued with information on what to do in the event of an off-site emergency.

If you require further information please contact Lancashire County Council Emergency Planning Service.


The Emergency Planning Service writes 6 site specific COMAH plans for sites within Lancashire. These are listed below, along with contact details for each of them.

Baxenden Chemicals Ltd

For information about the company:

Contact Name: Chris Moreton

Tel No: 01254 872278


Johnson Matthey

For information about the company:

Contact Name: Liz Campbell 


Procter & Gamble

For information about the company:
Tel No: 01695 711000

Tradebe Solvent Recycling Ltd

For information about the company:
Contact Name: Dr Chris Brown 

Tel No: 01524 865408


Vinnolit Hillhouse

For information about the company:

Contact Name: Paul Harley


William Blythe Ltd

For information about the company:

Contact Name: Safety, Health and Environment Manager

Tel No: 01254 320279 and/or 07798 656075

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