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Standards of service to businesses

Our aims

  • To promote a fair, healthy and safe trading environment by providing businesses in Lancashire with advice on regulatory matters in relation to:
    • Animal health and agriculture
    • Food safety
    • Fair trading and pricing
    • Petroleum, fireworks and explosives safety and licensing
    • Product safety
    • Weights and measures

Our policy

  • We will provide Lancashire businesses with advice on how to comply with applicable legislation.
  • We will enter into home authority agreements or primary authority agreements where necessary and as agreed with individual businesses in accordance with their needs and wishes.
  • We will not provide advice to non-Lancashire businesses and will refer such callers to their own local authority
  • We will provide training on request but we may make a charge for this
  • We will inspect businesses on the basis of the national risk rating scheme
  • We will target those businesses which generate disproportionate levels of complaints

We will

  • Maintain guidance for our business on our website
  • Advise Lancashire businesses on their legal rights and responsibilities in accordance with our enforcement policy.
  • Distinguish between best practice advice and legal requirements
  • Action all requests for business advice within three days of receipt.
  • Refer non-Lancashire businesses to the appropriate authority.
  • Identify other sources of information if an issue falls outside our remit.
  • Regularly consult with businesses to improve the service we provide.
  • Use information provided to identify trader malpractice and seek improvements in the law.
  • Assist other authorities regarding Lancashire businesses.
  • Treat all information in accordance with the Data Protection Act and our own legislative restrictions on sharing of confidential material.
  • Publish our licensing fees on our business webpage

We ask you

  • To provide all the relevant information to us and participate in open discussion.
  • Listen to our advice and reasons for the recommended course of action.
  • Accept that we may not always be able to provide advice but will endeavour to identify other sources of advice or information where possible.

You can

  • Contact us by email, telephone, fax or access our website
  • Ask for an explanation for our actions and advice.
  • If you remain dissatisfied with our service you can raise the issue with one of our senior officers or the head of Trading Standards and/or use the County Council's complaints procedure if appropriate.
  • If you believe that you have received health and safety advice from one of our officers that is incorrect or disproportionate, or a health and safety visit that was not justified, then you may wish to contact The Independent Regulatory Challenge Panel who can look into your complaint. Please note that before an issue can be raised with the panel, efforts should have first been made to resolve the matter with the relevant officer and their manager. Further information on the panel and its terms of reference can be found on the HSE website.


Head of Trading Standards Service,
Lancashire County Council Trading Standards Service,
County Hall,

Tel: 01772 533 569
Fax: 01772 533648

If you are still dissatisfied, you can request that your complaint be investigated in accordance with the county council's complaints procedure.