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The review process

Informal consultation

Although informal consultation is not a stage in the statutory process, Lancashire County Council will conduct informal consultation before commencing the statutory process.

Informal consultation may be delivered in different ways including:

  • Staff meetings
  • Consultation questionnaires
  • Open evenings or consultation appointments

During the period of informal consultation the county council will seek the views of any interested parties, which will be considered before any move to the formal stages of the process. There will be a report on the outcome of the informal consultation.

There are then four stages to the statutory process which must be followed:

Stage one - publication

A decision to proceed to issue a statutory notice must be made by the cabinet member for children, young people and schools. The report from the informal consultation will be considered before any decision.

Public notices are valid for:

  • six weeks for proposals relating to mainstream schools
  • two months for proposals relating to special schools

Stage two - representation

Formal consultation - the publication of statutory notices define a period (at least four weeks) for anyone to submit their written comments on the proposals. This enables people to express their views in the form of supporting or objecting to the proposals.

Stage three - decision

The cabinet member for children, young people and schools must make a decision within two months of the end of the representation period.

Stage four - implementation

Implementation as specified in the published statutory notice, subject to any modifications agreed by the county council.