The Youth Offending Team

Our purpose is to improve the way young people are dealt with when involved in the criminal justice system.

We work with 10-17 year olds and their families and carers, who may be:

  • Referred to us by the Police following an offence for which they received a final warning
  • Going through the courts
  • Placed under our supervision as part of a community custodial sentence
  • Referred to us by a case conference called in response to anti-social behaviour
  • Identified as being at risk of offending

Our aims and objectives are:

  • To ensure the swift administration of justice so that every young person accused of breaking the law has the matter resolved without delay
  • To confront young offenders with the consequences of their offending, for themselves and their families, their victims and the community, by helping them to develop a sense of responsibility
  • To apply interventions that tackle the particular factors that put the young person at risk of offending
  • To encourage reparation to victims by young offenders
  • To reinforce the responsibilities of parents

Our team is made up of workers from the Police, Probation, Health, Education and Social Services and we work together with local communities.

Young people are referred to us by the police or other professionals working with them. But, if you are a family member or friend and are worried about a young person’s behaviour, you can also contact us:

Lancashire YOT office: 01772 532047