Young refugees grant scheme

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, please take into consideration the latest government advice when planning your engagement, activities, and the participation of beneficiaries, staff and volunteers in your project.

Bidders must comply with government guidelines and recommendations when delivering their proposed work, and should indicate how to they are going to do so. Please note that there may be circumstances in which government advice may prevent the fulfilment of grant agreements. It is at the Grant Scheme Panel’s discretion to suspend, postpone or extend particular grant schemes or projects, which will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


In April 2019, the Lancashire County Council Refugee Integration Team consulted Young Refugees (13-19) who have been resettled in Lancashire on their needs and wishes, with 43 out of all 68 Resettled Young People (63%) participating in a targeted event. The Young Refugees reported, among other things, that they felt there was nothing for them to do during school holidays, weekends and evenings and that they were not sure how to find out what is already happening in their local areas. Comments included not wanting to stay at home at weekends and feeling generally bored; the consultation findings also suggested that girls may feel more isolated than boys.

Meeting other Syrians was a quite popular wish. While many do not seem to struggle to meet other local young people in schools and colleges, and make friends that way, they often have no opportunity to meet other Syrian young people (or other refugees), particularly in their aged group, as in most areas the number of Young Refugees (resettled or not) is very small.

A lot of suggestions were made by the Young Refugees, including 'trips to meet new people/make friends'. Other popular activities were sport or fitness-related: football, swimming, tennis, and going to the gym. Some expressed the wish to watch their favourite football clubs live, with Blackpool FC leading the way, followed by Liverpool FC and Manchester United. There were also art and culture-related suggestions such as drawing, painting, pottery, sewing, drama and cooking.

The Young Refugees were asked to vote for the types of activities or projects that they were more interested in, with each casting 5 votes. The types of activities that the Young Refugees voted for at the consultation event, from the most to the least popular, included:

  1. Leisure trips- 50 votes
  2. Sport - 37
  3. Outdoors and adventure - 28
  4. Games and Technology - 27
  5. Art - 20
  6. Photo and video - 13
  7. Music - 9
  8. Poetry and writing - 6
  9. Drama - 5
  10. Advice and guidance - 5
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