Farington Community Fund

This fund is now closed to applications.

Applicants must be from voluntary organisations or groups that organise community and/or environmental activities within the parish of Farington and for the benefit of the residents of Farington.

We are looking for innovative and creative projects that will address local needs and that can clearly demonstrate the difference the project will make to local people. We are not being prescriptive about what we will and won't support but applicants must be very clear about what they want the grant for and to be able to demonstrate clear outputs. We will prioritise applications that show value for money, combined with clear objectives and sustainability.

 To be successful a group must:

  • Carry out positive work in the community,
  • Be of charitable nature
  • Have a not-for-profit status
  • Be community, socially or environmentally focused
  • Be based within Farington or deliver benefits to the residents of Farington

The project or activity should:

  • Improve, enhance, protect and conserve the natural and built environment or demonstrate benefit to the community
  • Be from an established group or charity able to demonstrate clear banking or financial records, and not an individual or commercial organisation working for profit

How much is available?

The county council has made available £100,000. There is no set amount but the fund is looking to support as many projects as possible rather than one large single project. We have staff who will work alongside applicants to ensure that we make the most of the funding available.

If you need to discuss any aspect of your project proposal, please email fcf@lancashire.gov.uk or telephone 01772 530650.

Forms and guidance

Please return the completed form, along with supporting evidence such as photos or plans, by e-mail to fcf@lancashire.gov.uk. We aim to turn around the applications as quickly as possible. This may take up to six weeks. Once the grants panel has made its decision this is final.