Here at Lancashire County Council we are helping you to make Lancashire the best place to live, work, visit and prosper.

We want Lancashire to be the county people choose to create a home, raise their children, develop a career and grow old. We are committed to developing and celebrating our diverse communities, heritage and landscape to create a strong sense of place we can all be proud of.

This vision for Lancashire forms part of the county council's planning and performance framework. It sets out our priorities in an open and transparent way. It will be subject to regular monitoring in terms of how we are progressing against our objectives, and it will be kept under review to make sure it is kept up to date in a fast-changing world.

At the heart of our strategy for delivery are our four priorities: delivering better services, protecting our environment, supporting economic growth, and caring for the vulnerable

Delivering better services

We will:

  • Provide services that are effective, efficient and appropriate to local circumstances
  • Improve services by changing the way we do things
  • Help people and families live healthier lifestyles and enjoy a better quality of life

Caring for the vulnerable

We will:

  • Protect, safeguard, support and enable the most vulnerable residents in our society
  • Challenge and reduce areas of inequality and provide opportunity for all
  • Ensure children of all abilities do well in our schools and colleges, gaining important skills and expertise for life

Protecting our environment

We will:

  • Lead on environmental improvement schemes and renewable energy initiatives
  • Work with businesses and communities on flood prevention, decarbonisation projects and climate change resilience
  • Promote more recycling and better waste management

Supporting economic growth

We will:

  • Develop and build effective infrastructure and transport networks, to help people and businesses connect and grow
  • Secure inward investment, to boost and level up the county
  • Invest in skills and innovation, to secure economic growth and maximise Lancashire’s potential

Measuring success

We will assess the impact our plans are having on our priorities and be held to account by measuring the things that are important to our residents

This activity will be overseen by the leader of the council supported by cabinet members and our corporate management team.