Testing for businesses

Businesses of all sizes across Lancashire, where staff cannot work from home during lockdown, can now access workplace testing for employees not showing symptoms.

Registering the results

The tech hardware requirements have been simplified by the use of online test result recording and bar code reading.  The tech to be used should work with laptops and phones with Wi-Fi connectivity.  For data management, the results are uploaded as linked to the barcode and there is no visibility or access to linking the results with the subject’s identity. 

Register a coronavirus test

Your Unique Site Code

To ensure that your test results are associated with your workplace, you will be allocated a bespoke site code which must be selected when you register tests on site.  We will need your workplace name and site address for these.  For larger workplaces or workplaces with various addresses or shifts, you may wish to register tests against different codes.  Multiple codes can be supplied but you will need these in place prior to commencing testing.  These usually take 24 hours to activate.

Once your training has been confirmed and your test supplies ordered, we will supply you with your unique site code.

Reporting the results 

Registering positive results is a statutory requirement for Covid-19. 

Reporting your results locally enables Lancashire to understand how the virus is impacting communities and workplaces and helps to ensure that timely action is put in place to protect our communities and workplaces.

You are required to register all barcodes used on site using this digital process.

You are then required to report all test results, positive, negative and invalid, using this process.  

You are also required to report results locally to Lancashire County Council using this process.

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