Testing for businesses

Businesses of all sizes across Lancashire, where staff cannot work from home during lockdown, can now access workplace testing for employees not showing symptoms.

Setting up your testing area

Layout and storage

This will depend on the size and nature of your workplace setting but here are some key layout requirements:

  • The test area flooring must be non-porous and the test site cleanable with the approved cleaning product
  • The test area must be well lit and have good airflow with no recirculation of air
  • The ambient temperature should be 15-30°C for the lateral flow devices to operate and 2-30°C for storing them
  • The registration desk should be at the first point where an employee being tested would enter the test area
  • A one-way direction of travel for employees being tested should ideally be in operation, unless you are completing single tests at a time. If not possible, enough room should be provided for individuals being tested to exit the room whilst maintaining social distance
  • The test subject chairs in the swabbing bay should be minimum of 2m apart
  • Each swabbing desk must have a processing desk close by – approximately 1m away. A recording desk should be located close by.
  • There should be a clear division between swabbing and processing area. This should be clearly set out. Individuals being tested should not enter the processing area.
  • You can view information on waste disposal on this website as well as in the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) (PDF 1.69 MB).
  • Make sure the area has good signage - here are some templates you may find useful (PDF 1.69 MB)

This is the usual best practice model:

Test area best practise model

There are a number of test site set ups that we can provide you with.  Please email the mailbox: masstestingservice@Lancashire.gov.uk if you are a large employer and require this information.

How the process works

This is a simple process which usually takes about 45 minutes per test.  You can do more than one test at a time in your test area, as long as you take measures to ensure accuracy and maintain testing standards. 

A swab (similar to a big cotton bud) is used to take a sample from the throat and nose.  It can be uncomfortable for a few moments, but it does not hurt, and only takes seconds.

Testing process

Typically takes around 45 minutes

> > > > > > >
Person being tested Arrive and go to the registration desk Get signed in and given the swab kit Go to swabbing area and administer the swab Clean the area and hand over the swab sample Leave the test site Receive the result and act on findings
      Help available where needed    
Site staff Ensure safety e.g. social distancing Provide help where needed Guide person where to go      
Testing staff       Receive the swab sample from the employee Carry out the test on the swab sample Read result and upload the findings


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