Testing for businesses

Businesses of all sizes across Lancashire, where staff cannot work from home during lockdown, can now access workplace testing for employees not showing symptoms.

Online training

Workplaces participating in testing will need to determine how many staff they need to do this and where those staff will come from, for example, existing staff and volunteers or Occupational Health providers.  

Your commitment to this testing programme is to have a named person (Team Leader) responsible for overseeing the testing who ensures that staff (Testing and Site Operatives) testing on site are trained to the required standard.  Tests must be supervised by your staff, so, before you start testing, you will need to identify your testing staff and ask them to complete the online training modules, download the competency certificates and email to MassTestingService@Lancashire.gov.uk for assurance purposes.  This training package is mandatory. 

There are a number of roles/jobs that will need to be filled to enable a workplace to deliver testing.  The number of roles is not the same as the number of staff you will need to deliver testing.  This will be determined by the size and context of your workforce, as well as the physical space you have available and the time available to complete all tests.  One person could fulfil several tasks or more than one person may be required for a single task.

Depending on your workplace, these roles could include Team Leader, Site Operative (including Registration Assistant, Test Assistant, Cleaner and Queue Coordinator) and Test Operative (including Processor and Results Recorder). 

You can access the online modules and begin your training straight away.

Online modules

Select the 'Need to register?' option and enter the Token code 3wkcVi4UTX. Each person accessing this will be asked to set up an account with their own password and then be expected to complete the required modules.

The required training modules are:

  1. Infection prevention and control
  2. Meet and greet
  3. How to give guidance on self-swabbing for the Innova LFD test
  4. How to process Covid-19 tests using the Innova Lateral Flow Device
  5. How to log results for Covid-19 tests using the Innova Lateral Flow Device
  6. Test Operatives – using the Log Results website
  7. Team Leader – approving Test Operatives (for Team Leader only)
  8. Train the Trainer (for Team Leader and nominated trainers only)

When a module is completed you will be asked to 'Download certificate'.  It is very important to select this option and save the certificate as it cannot be retrieved later and you will have to do the module again.

Dry run 

When all certificates have been received a helpful assurance check can then be arranged on site to practically ensure your training and procedures meets the necessary standard.

The “Dry Run” is where your staff have the chance to complete the testing process from registration to logging results for themselves under the guidance of a trained team to make sure they are confident to test and understand the process.  It also ensures that your devices and digital solutions are working well.  Providing a safe, confident testing experience helps to engage your workforce in voluntary testing.

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