Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) home to school transport

Our Home to School Transport service have put several precautionary measures in place to help reduce the spread of coronavirus, and to minimise any disruption to the service.

We hope that these measures will give you confidence that we are taking all care to safely transport your children to school.

  • All our frontline transport staff have been issued with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) relevant to the level of support they provide on the journey and have been fully trained in its use.
  • Almost every Passenger Assistant and Travelcare Driver Attendant has had their first and second vaccinations against Covid-19.
  • Our Travelcare buses, where appropriate, have been fitted with High Efficiency Particle filters, similar to those fitted on aircraft, which purify all the air in the vehicle several times per hour.
  • Enhanced cleaning routines have been put in place including a disinfectant wipe down after every journey.
  • Taxi operators and other external suppliers have been issued with clear guidance on expected infection control procedures and hygiene in respect the contracts they operate.
  • Passenger Assistant are issued with disinfectant wipes to clean door handles and other high touch surfaces.

In addition, our Integrated Transport Service has introduced Mass Testing for Covid-19 for all frontline employees.  This includes all Passenger Assistants, but not Teaching Assistants or Health Care Professionals / Assistants employed by contractors. Drivers of our own "Travelcare" minibuses are also included, but not Taxi / Private Hire drivers as they are not yet subject to mass testing.

If your child travels to and from school on one of our transport services, and a Passenger Assistant tests positive, your child is likely to be classed as a close contact of that person.

Your child may then be required to self-isolate for 10 days from the day they were last in contact with the positive case.  Additionally, depending on the time the positive result is reported, you may be required to collect your child from school.

Your school will contact you should this be necessary.

Pupils showing Covid-19 Symptoms

Please do not present pupils for transport if they are showing any of the notified Covid-19 symptoms and follow government guidance for Test and Trace procedures. Our drivers and passenger assistants may ask you at the doorstep if the pupil or any family members have symptoms or are isolating. The purpose of this precaution is to offer yet another layer of protection for travelling passengers.

Parent/Carer Transport Grant

Guidance on home to school transport following the Covid-19 pandemic has placed additional demands on transport provision.

Where a child has been assessed as entitled to transport, the county council may approach parents to determine whether they may be willing to transport their children to school themselves. In such circumstances a Travel Assistance Grant may be offered, instead of transport being provided by the Local Authority.  Similarly, parents may approach the council to request the provision of a TAG.  Such grants are entirely at the discretion of the Local Authority and only provided where it is the most cost-effective option for us to meet our statutory duties.

The Travel Assistant Grant is a payment designed to help parents make any arrangements needed and can be used in any way to facilitate their child’s access to school. It is paid over 11 months directly into a parent’s bank account. The grant is based on a child’s proximity to school and therefore bears no relationship to the actual costs associated with a child accessing school. Where a child receives a TAG partway through the school year, or where a child attends school on a part-time timetable, the total payment will be offered on a pro rata basis to account for the reduced timescale that the parent will be responsible for transport arrangements. Where a child is deemed eligible to receive a TAG, details on payments are available from the local transport team (full year equivalent), parking, subsistence and other costs will not be met:

More information on Travel Assistance Grants is available from your local Transport team:

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