Elective Home Education

We are aware that following the Covid-19 pandemic you may wish to opt for elective home education for your children either in the short term or permanently. Although we understand these are very challenging times and the choice to home educate may currently seem more appropriate than a return to school, we urge you to seek advice prior to making the decision to remove your child from the school roll.

If you decide you wish to home educate, you will be responsible for providing your child with a full time education and you will have full financial responsibility for this, including finding and buying resources, private tutors and future exam costs. Websites that have been offering free access during the pandemic may no longer be doing so following the return to 'normal' education in schools.

If your child has an Education, Health & Care Plan you will be expected to provide an education that is suitable to meet your child's Special Educational Needs as set out in their Plan.

If you withdraw your child from the school roll to home educate there is no guarantee that you will get a place back at the same school should you decide you no longer wish to home educate.

If your child currently receives Free School Meals they will no longer have access to this service.

If you are thinking about home educating your child and would like further information then please contact us by email at enquiries.ehe@lancashire.gov.uk. Please include contact details and a member of staff will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your plans.