Coronavirus: Waste services

Household Waste Recycling Centres

(Updated 15 May 2020)

Following the latest Government advice we have reopened twelve of our recycling centres around the county, by appointment only. This is for essential visits only.

Guidance for visiting the recycling centres:

  1. Essential visits only. Recycling centres are being provided for where it is essential that rubbish is removed from the home. Please do not book an appointment if your rubbish can be stored safely at home or disposed of through your normal bin collection. DO NOT visit a recycling centre if you are self isolating or showing any symptoms of COVID 19.
  2. You MUST pre-book an appointment. Visits will be by appointment only, subject to availability. You can use the online booking system or call our waste helpline to book a slot.
  3. Only bring one type of waste to dispose of. You will not be able to walk around the recycling centres using different containers.  Construction and demolition waste, also known as inert waste, and plaster, plasterboard or asbestos will not be accepted at this time.
  4. Cars only - no vans or trailers. Only cars will be allowed into the recycling centres, vans and trailers will not be permitted at this time. Your vehicle registration will be checked on arrival to ensure you have a valid appointment.
  5. Large and bulky items. You must be able to lift and dispose of the waste yourself or with someone accompanying you to the centre. Our staff will not be able to help you with large or bulky items due to social distancing. Please be kind to our staff, abusive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated.

Book an appointment

Further information

We have provided further information below. If you have questions in relation to doorstep collections, please visit your district/borough council website. 

We have reopened 12 of our 16 recycling centres. This ensures a good geographical spread of recycling centres across Lancashire.
We're operating a slightly reduced network because each site now needs more staff to be able to operate safely and effectively.
Each of these sites will open on the same days and during the same hours as under normal circumstances. 

The following recycling centres will be re-opening on a limited basis.

  • Altham - 7 days a week - 9am–5pm
  • Barnoldswick - Thursday to Monday - 9am–5pm
  • Burnley - 7 days a week - 9am–5pm
  • Burscough - Thursday to Monday - 9am–5pm
  • Chorley - 7 days a week - 9am–5pm
  • Clitheroe - Friday to Tuesday - 9am–5pm
  • Farington - 7 days a week - 9am–5pm
  • Fleetwood - 7 days a week - 9am–5pm
  • Lancaster - 7 days a week - 9am–5pm
  • Lytham - 7 days a week - 9am–5pm
  • Preston - 7 days a week - 9am -5pm
  • Skelmersdale - 7 days a week - 9am–5pm

Four sites - Carnforth, Garstang, Haslingden, and Longridge – will remain closed. These four sites are among our quietest in terms of visitor numbers, have easily accessible alternative facilities or present us with specific challenges in terms of operating safely while maintaining social distancing. We intend to use what we learn from operating our other sites to consider how these sites can also be reopened safely.

The Reuse Shop at Preston Recycling Centre will also remain closed.


You must make an appointment before visiting a recycling centre or you won't be allowed access. Appointments can be made online at the link above or by calling 0300 123 6781 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm). Appointments are limited to one visit to one site per calendar week and you will not be able to book multiple visits to different sites. Your vehicle registration will be checked on arrival to ensure you have a valid appointment.

If you can't get an appointment

We expect appointments to book up quickly. If no appointments are available please try again at another time. The booking system or an advisor will confirm where appointments are available. You can make an appointment at any recycling centre so you may have to consider visiting one that isn't your closest or usual facility.

You will be given a time slot for your appointment and you will need to visit the recycling centre within this time slot.

If you cannot make your appointment please cancel it using the link on your email confirmation so that it can be offered to someone else. If you do not cancel your appointment, or miss it, you will not be able to book another appointment until the next calendar week.

Your vehicle registration will be checked on arrival to confirm that you have a valid appointment. 

Only bring one type of waste on each visit. You will not be able to walk freely around the recycling centre as you could previously. This is because the sites have been reconfigured to ensure social distancing and you will be asked to drive up to the particular skip they need. If you bring more than one waste type you will be on site, and have to wait, for longer.

Depending on the type of waste you have brought you will be directed to the relevant tipping bay once it is free. Please remain in your car until you are parked in your allocated tipping bay.

Staff will not be able to help you with your rubbish. You must handle all of the rubbish you bring yourself. If you bring large or bulky items you must bring someone with you to help you lift them. If you don't you will be asked to take the items away with you.

Only cars (including standard domestic pickups) will be allowed access to the recycling centre. Vans and trailers (including single axle trailers) will not be allowed access, with or without a permit. This is because we want to ensure that as many people as possible can visit the recycling centre, which in turn means keeping tipping times to a minimum. Vans and trailers carry larger quantities of rubbish and generally take much longer to unload.

We will not currently accept construction and demolition waste, also known as inert waste, and plaster, plasterboard or asbestos. These aren't classed as household waste and would need staff intervention which cannot be provided due to social distancing requirements. The usual permit system allowing people to bring limited amounts of this waste will not be operating. 

Please be kind to our recycling centre staff. Lancashire County Council operates a zero tolerance policy for aggressive, abusive or threatening behaviour. Action will be taken against anyone who is abusive or aggressive which may include permanent exclusion from all of our recycling centres. 

Please do not leave any waste outside the recycling centres, outside closed charity shops or elsewhere – leaving waste outside recycling centres, or anywhere else is classed as fly-tipping and is a criminal offence for which people will be prosecuted.

Clearing this waste takes already-stretched public servants from performing more essential tasks.



Our staff continue to work closely with colleagues within district councils. District doorstep waste collections are still the main way people can get rid of their household waste and recycling.

Staying at home will no doubt provide an opportunity for many people to do some DIY, have a clear out or get busy in the garden. Please remember our recycling centres are only open for essential visits so please only book an appointment if you can't store waste safely at home or dispose of it through your normal bin collection.

Districts also offer doorstep collection of bulky items and many (but not all) of these services remain operational. For larger items such as furniture, this can provide an alternative to visiting the recycling centre. Note that in some circumstances a small charge may apply.

District/Borough councils

For information about changes (if any) to your doorstep waste collection, see your local district/borough council webpage:

Please do not burn waste in your garden or on open home fires or in stoves.

Lots of what we put in our bins is unsuitable, increasing the risks of fires (that the emergency services can do without attending) and emits harmful particles.

As Covid-19 causes respiratory problems, anything that makes the air less breathable is an additional and unnecessary threat.

If you are self-isolating and feeling ill, put any potentially infected items like used tissues or cleaning cloths into separate plastic bags and double-bag them. These bags should then be put aside for at least 72 hours (3 days) before you put them out into your kerbside waste bin.

Don't put masks, gloves or other personal protective equipment (PPE) in the recycling. They cannot be recycled. Throw them in the bin instead.

Continue to wash your hands regularly, maintaining good hygiene when handling your rubbish and recycling and keep your distance when the workers are doing their collections

As an alternative, try home composting, or leaving your grass cuttings on the lawn where they will mulch down to provide nutrients, or leave areas of grass uncut (the wildlife will love this!).

The Love Food Hate Waste website is a fantastic resource full of recipes and tips on how to store and use up food as well as cut down on food waste.

An average family of four can save just over £60 a month by reducing food waste.

You cannot currently dispose of this type of waste at our recycling centres.

Please do not carry out DIY projects that would involve the removal of these materials, and DO NOT place these materials in your waste bin as they are harmful to the health of the waste collection operatives.

Remember to wash your hands and clean the handles of your bins and boxes before and after you put them out for collection.

The crew will have touched all the bins on your street and won't be able to change their gloves between each bin or box, so keep yourself and them safe by following this simple guidance.