SMART mass testing for workplaces


It is estimated that around one in three people might display no symptoms, but are still infectious. It is vital to break these chains of transmission and bring infection rates down.

Rapid testing is already underway in Lancashire. We’re already working with a small number businesses, schools, faith groups and community organisations directly.

Lancashire's mass testing model is SMART - Sustained Meaningful Asymptomatic Repeat Targeted testing.  This testing is especially important for key businesses which need to stay open during lockdown.  Staff will be told how to access these voluntary tests by their company.

We've learnt from the experience in Liverpool and are targeting our testing to specific areas, especially ones with higher rates, rather than taking a general approach where anyone can get a test.

Working with local businesses and organisations, we're adding more testing each week so that more people can protect themselves, as well as their families and friends.

We know that some people are keen to get a test. Please be bear with us, while we increase the testing capacity in the county, which takes time to arrange.

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