Coronavirus testing

If you have symptoms

If you have symptoms of coronavirus then you must isolate immediately and book a test.

You can book a free NHS test on GOV.UK or call 119.

If you are unable to visit a test centre, you may be able to request a home test kit.

If you do not have symptoms 

New Covid community testing, known as Lateral Flow Testing, has begun in Lancashire for people without coronavirus symptoms.

If you are eligible for one of these tests, then you will be contacted about how to book one and where this will be carried out. 

Tests are free and are not compulsory. However, if you are offered one, you are encouraged to get the test as soon as possible. 

Anyone who receives a positive Lateral Flow Test will need to immediately book a book a free NHS test to confirm the first result.

About Lateral flow testing

It is estimated that around one in three people might display no symptoms, but are still infectious. It is vital to break these chains of transmission and bring infection rates down.

Rapid testing is already underway in Lancashire. We’re already working with a small number businesses, schools, faith groups and community organisations directly.

This testing is especially important for key businesses which need to stay open during lockdown.  Staff will be told how to access these voluntary tests by their company.

We've learnt from the experience in Liverpool and are targeting our testing to specific areas, especially ones with higher rates, rather than taking a general approach where anyone can get a test.

As a result, local arrangements through the business or organisation will make people aware if there are tests available to them.

Working with local businesses and organisations, we're adding more testing each week so that more people can protect themselves, as well as their families and friends.

We know that some people are keen to get a test. Please be bear with us, while we increase the testing capacity in the county, which takes time to arrange.

Lateral flow testing for general public

Testing will come to local areas, and could even include your workplace. We'll add more locations as the testing is rolled out in the coming days and weeks.

When rapid testing begins for the general public, we will include the details on this page of local venues.

Rapid testing for businesses

Businesses can apply for rapid testing for their employees.

Due to capacity, priority is being given to areas where rates are higher, and other factors such as businesses which remain open during lockdown.

To find out how to request testing for your business, please contact

Support available 

Financial support available

Find out about financial support available, including a one-off payment of £500 through the Test and Trace Support Payment scheme if you are required to stay at home and self-isolate. 

Community hubs and financial help

Support available from local authority partners, as well as the community and voluntary sectors across Lancashire

Government support help

Help and advice you can get from the government and other organisations