Education, health and care (EHC) plan annual review survey

Between March and the end of June 2021 we have had 85 responses to our survey about the progress and development of children and young people with education, health and care plans. Most of the responses came from parents and/or carers. We had 18 responses from young people, all of which were more positive than those from adults.

The key results are:

  • 30% responses were about pupils attending mainstream schools
  • 59% responses were about pupils in special schools
  • 44% of responses related to children and young people with learning difficulties
  • 36% of responses related to children and young people with autism
  • over 60% of the responses came from the Lancaster, Fylde, Wyre and West Lancs areas
  • Responses collected when the schools reopened (following their closure due to national lockdown) were more positive for pupils attending both mainstream and special schools.
  • there was representation from each of the different sectors, although the number of responses about early years and FE colleges were very limited.
The support identified in the plan enabled the CYP to: % of respondents that agreed where CYP attended mainstream % of respondents that agreed where CYP attended more specialist provision % of respondents overall that agreed with the statements
Better make decisions 64% 72% 69%
Be more independent 56% 76% 69%
Engage more in education 60% 72% 67%
Enjoy more social participation 56% 80% 74%
Improve their overall well-being 76% 80% 75%

Our next steps will be to:

  • Focus more on early years and further education colleges to ensure these views are more fully included
  • Focus attention on what can be done within mainstream schools to support greater independence and social participation/ integration for children and young people
  • Share this data with schools to develop our thinking about how we can improve outcomes
  • Work with Lancashire Parent Carer Forum to ensure continued and greater involvement of parents/carers