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Information, Advice and Support Team eligibility

The service is available to families who:

  • live in Lancashire and
  • have a child up to age 25 who may have special educational needs or a disability (SEND) or
  • have a child with SEND age 5 to 18 for whom exclusion from school is an issue

The service is available independently to young people who:

  • live in Lancashire and
  • may have special educational needs or a disability from the age of 16 up to age of 25 or
  • are affected by exclusion from education from the age of 16 to 18 due to their SEND

The service is available to children under the age of 16 who:

  • attend with and have parent consent
  • have the mental capacity
  • children looked after with guardian consent

Higher education students are not eligible for help from this service.

The service is available to all who wish general information regarding SEND in Lancashire through the website, social media and Monday to Friday telephone or email service.

We may offer more extensive individual support depending on your circumstances. We will meet all requests for individual support, however, when we have a high volume of requests, priority will be given to the following groups in this order;

  • Child looked after by a local authority;
  • Young person with SEND ages 16-25 years;
  • Parent/carer is under the age of 25;
  • Parent/carer is actively engaging mental health services;
  • Parent/carer is known to adult social care;
  • Parent/carer with a disability;
  • English is a second language;
  • Family includes more than one child with SEND;
  • In the process of an assessment, been turned down for an assessment or in dispute with an Inclusion Service professional or school.

It may not be possible to offer face to face meetings or home visits during busy periods but telephone or email support will always be available.