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Additional information if English is not your first language

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How we will correspond with you

We will contact you via e-mail on the e-mail address you supply on your appeal form.  It is important that the contact details supplied by all appellants is checked as correct at the time of submission by yourself. 

Please note that as the details within the e-mail contains Personal and Confidential information all e-mails will be sent encrypted and appellants will need to register and create an account and log onto our secure e-mail service "Egress" to enable you to access the information relating to your appeal.  It is the responsibility of the appellant to check all folders contained within your e-mail account i.e Inbox, Spam and Junk folders.

Disability or if English is not your first language

All Appeal hearings will be conducted in English Only whether this is Face to Face, by video/telephone Conference Call or by Written Submission.

It is the responsibility of the appellant to nominate a designated helper to assist in this and to inform the appeals team via e-mail of the named helper and their contact details to enable them to participate on your behalf during the appeal process and at the hearing.

If you are unable to fill in an Admissions Appeal form yourself due to a disability or any language barrier you feel may compromise your submission then help is available from our Customer Service Centre who will be able to assist you in filling out the relevant form.

The contact number for the Customer Service Centre is 0300 123 6707 (Please note that The Contact Centre staff are unable to advise you of your submission or act as interpreters and are only able to fill the form out on your behalf).

Home address

Please note that we will always check the admission address supplied with the details you have supplied within your appeal form, where this differs the Authority will need to investigate and seek further clarification from yourselves.  Therefore it is important that if you are submitting an alternative address on appeal that you support this with the appropriate evidence at the time of submitting your appeal form to mitigate any delay in arranging your appeal hearing.