Family safeguarding

Family Safeguarding is a new way of working with families so that they can stay together and children can remain safely at home.

We will help you to identify what changes need to be made in your daily life and support you to achieve these.

Our Family Safeguarding Team – who will work with you

The Family Safeguarding Team that will work with you will be made up of a wide range of different professionals. These professionals are here to help you and your family and include:

Social workers – will work directly with you and your children and support you to identify and make the changes that will improve outcomes for your family.

Child and family practitioners – will work directly with you and your children assisting the social workers by undertaking pieces of work with you.

Domestic abuse practitioners – will work with those who have experienced or are experiencing domestic abuse to support them in understanding the impact of domestic abuse on themselves and their children.

Domestic abuse officers – will work together with parents/carers with children, with the aim of breaking the cycle of abusive behaviour. They are experienced staff from the National Probation Service.

Recovery workers – will work with you if you have issues with drugs, and/or alcohol. These professionals will support you to make any lifestyle changes that are needed so that you can carry on caring for your children.

Mental health practitioners – will work with parents who are experiencing mental health difficulties

Psychologists – will work with parents on specific aspects of parenting that may affect their children.

This new way of working will mean that we are able to spend more time working directly with you to provide you with the help that you need, when you need it.

How we will work with you

We're changing the way we work to support families to stay together.

We will work with you by:

  1. Supporting you to identify your strengths, needs and any changes to make.
  2. Working together we will help you with parenting skills, drug and alcohol use, domestic abuse and mental health needs.
  3. Changing the way we work so we will spend more time with you and your family to make lasting changes.
  4. Listening to children and families views to improve how we work.

We will offer families the right support at the right time, helping you to stay together.

Our commitment to you and your family

We are committed to working with you, your family and your children to support you in making the changes that are identified to improve outcomes for all of you.
We are determined to provide you with an excellent service. We will listen to what you say, will work with you and support you with what you need. Everyone working with you will be professional and treat you with fairness, respect and dignity. 

Suggestions and feedback

You can let us have your suggestions and feedback on how we can develop the service in the following ways: