Helping your child return to childcare or school after coronavirus

1. Overview

This guide anticipates some of the difficulties and anxieties that children may be feeling as they return to their childcare provider or reception class at school.

Advice for successful transitions reminds us to focus on relationships as well as recognising the growth, development and learning that has occurred while our children have been at home.

We should also remember that transition is not just an experience for the individual child but for everyone around the child.

Your child may be returning to the same room or classroom as before the lockdown, but things will be different and this should be supported as another key transition in your child’s life.

The childcare provider or school's key focus areas will be to support your child’s well-being, confidence, security and nurturing friendships. Happiness is the priority.

This guide gives some tips and advice about how you might help your child through this transition and also supports the sharing of information so that we know what is important to you and your child.

Starting school

In normal circumstances, you would begin supporting and preparing children for starting school as soon as they found out their receiving school, but with COVID-19, that is now incredibly difficult.

Your childcare provider may evaluate activities that they would normally do around this time to support the transition process and evaluate the best way to meet the needs of the children and their families.

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