What should baby sleep in?

Over-heating can increase the risk of your baby dying.

The room they sleep in should be between 16-20°C. If it’s too hot you can turn down the heating or open the window during the day.

To check if your baby is too warm, the best place to feel is on their stomachs. Don’t worry if baby’s hands or feet feel cool, this is normal.

If they are too warm remove a layer of clothing and/or bedding.

What should baby wear?

What your baby should wear will depend on two things:

  • The temperature of the room
  • What bedding you have for your baby

Your baby should never wear a hat while they are asleep inside. Remember to remove warm clothing and hats when you come in from outside, even if this means waking your baby.

Baby’s bedding

Use sheets, lightweight blankets or a baby sleep bag. Take off a layer if baby is too warm.
Remember that if you fold a blanket or sheet this is a double layer.

Baby sleep bags come in various togs and each one should have a label that says when it is best to use it.

Don’t use pillows and duvets as they increase the risk of suffocation and over-heating.


If you share a bed with your baby use lightweight bedding and make sure it doesn’t completely cover them. Don’t use a baby sleep bag as well as your bedding as this could lead to them over-heating.

Read our bed sharing guide for more on co-sleeping.

If you are unsure of anything speak to your health visitor.