30 hours funded childcare

6. Re-confirm your eligibility

You will need to re-confirm your eligibility every 3 months by logging into your government gateway account.

If you do not re-confirm your eligibility, you will no longer be eligible to access the additional hours (you will continue to be able to access the universal 15 hours of free childcare until your child starts school).

Your eligibility code will have a start date and an end date so you will know when you need to re-confirm your eligibility. Don’t worry you will get a reminder via text message or email to let you know when you need to do this.

If you fall out of eligibility you will enter what is known as the grace period – this is a set period of time to support parents to continue accessing free childcare to allow time to look for other employment should they choose to do so.

If for any reason you are no longer eligible for 30 hours you should speak to your childcare provider about the grace period.

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