Lease of a Mobile Shredder and Screening Equipment for Waste Processing Activities - Provider Engagement

Lancashire Renewables Ltd (the "Authority") processes circa 60,000 tonnes of both dry co-mingled household waste and household 'black bag' and municipal bulky waste per annum at its Leyland facility. The operation requires the use of mobile screening and shredding equipment.

The Authority wishes to explore potential equipment solutions prior to issuing a tender opportunity for the replacement shredder and screening equipment. All equipment must be designed and built to withstand the rigours of a working life in the household and bulky waste processing industry, in an enclosed operating atmosphere.

Dates are available w/c 21/06/2021 and w/c 28/06/2021 to speak to the Authority in more detail and view the current operation and equipment on site at the Leyland facility. Please see the two documents attached concerning the scope of this project. All further enquiries should be directed to Alistair Pope ( prior to 11/06/2021.

The estimated contract value is based on three -year leases:

Shredder - approximately £200,000 per annum

Screening equipment - approximately £50,000 per annum

This information is for guidance only. The terms of the lease or the values may be subject to change.

The current equipment in use by the Authority is as per the following websites:

Shredder - Komptech Terminator

Screening equipment - Doppstadt SM 518.2

Mobile Smart Screen / Trommel: scope of requirements

Residual Waste Mobile Material Shredder: scope of requirements