Making your business COVID secure

Cleaning and hygiene

You must make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned your premises. 

You will need to provide adequate facilities for staff to wash their hands in the work place. This includes having a hot water supply to all sinks and basins, liquid hand soap, disposable paper towels for hand drying, and hand gel where possible (minimum 70% alcohol).

For cleaning, use disposable cloths and:

  1. clean surfaces with warm soapy water or detergent, then
  2. use a disinfectant to clean the surface

Increase routine cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces. These surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected regularly in line with your risk assessment (dependant on number of people, employees, contact etc).

All disinfectant solutions should be stored in opaque containers, in a well-ventilated, covered area that is not exposed to direct sunlight and freshly prepared every day. 

An example of a chlorine-based disinfectant is Milton. An example of a combined cleaner / disinfectant is Chlor-clean.  There are many other products available and manufacturer guidelines should always be followed.

For guidance on cleaning a work place/area where a person with suspected Coronavirus has been, see government guidance for cleaning of environments in the community

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