Sibling groups

Many of the children that come into our care are in sibling groups. We try hard to keep brothers and sisters together and find them a forever family, but the reality is this can take much longer to happen.

If you feel you are open to adopting two or more children, here are some of the advantages:

For you

  • You only have to go through the adoption process once
  • Adopting siblings means the children have already bonded
  • Adopting more than one child could appeal to people who choose to adopt later in life (35-45+) compared to having children biologically
  • Time spent matching you to a sibling group will be shorter than you waiting to be matched to a baby or individual child
  • You will find out more about the children's past from an older sibling; for example their personalities, health and development and relationships with birth parents

For the children

  • The greatest benefit for the children is being able to stay with their brothers and sisters
  • Often their siblings are the only 'family unit' they have
  • Children will cope with the move better and settle in quicker if they are with their brothers and sisters
  • If there is a language or cultural barrier between the children and their new family, older children will be able to understand and communicate with their siblings
  • The children will have common ground – they can help each other retain and share memories and piece events of the past together
  • It takes time and patience to develop a relationship with a new family and can feel forced at times. Being in the same situation with their siblings can reduce the pressure on each child

Meet some of our adoptive parents who have adopted siblings

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