Sophie, Olivia and Poppy

Adam and MayaWe're looking for a special family for these three lovely little girls who need to stay together - sisters Sophie aged five, Olivia aged two and one-year-old Poppy.

Their personalities

Sophie is a happy, talkative and chatty little girl who loves to dress up in nice clothes and wear her hair in a ponytail. She says dressing up makes her feel pretty and happy about herself. When she's not singing at the top of her voice, she enjoys playing board games and jigsaws. Sophie loves lots of attention and being outdoors, going on bike rides and trips to the park, she also enjoys baking and craft work. She is generally well behaved and is very loving towards her sisters. At times she can try to be in charge when it comes to her sister Olivia. She has good social skills, loves people spending time with her and will thrive on receiving lots of nurturing and the feeling of being able to trust her new family. Sophie is very caring towards her baby sister Poppy.

Olivia has blonde hair which reaches her shoulders and has lovely blue eyes and loves cuddles. She is generally happy, sociable and pleasant and can sometimes be cheekily mischievous and inquisitive. She is very independent. She loves climbing, messy play, singing, painting and drawing. She likes looking after her baby sister and helps out a lot with this. Both sisters are learning to play well together. They happily play in the garden or playroom with books and toys. Olivia especially loves being outdoors, exploring, hunting for bugs and trips to the park with her sister.

Poppy is a smiley, happy, healthy and content baby. She likes toys that are musical and light up and loves to play on her activity centre. She enjoys interaction from others. Poppy sits up independently and can crawl confidently, she is pulling herself up onto furniture and using her baby walker. She is meeting all her milestones. She enjoys independent play and playing with her sisters.

Background and History

The two older girls Sophie and Olivia witnessed domestic violence at home and had regularly been in the care of birth parents whilst they were under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The children had also been left alone in the home. For her own safety, Poppy was removed from her parents a few days after being born and placed in a foster family with her sisters.


Sophie recently started primary school and enjoys attending. She has quickly made lots of friends and is making good progress. Two-year-old Olivia attends nursery and loves to get really messy during messy play. 

Both girls are getting much better at following routines and boundaries.  

Poppy enjoys going to stay and play groups.

Health and Development

All three sisters are generally in good health and have no known development issues.

The children have contact plans in place, to have annual indirect contact with their birth parents via the mailbox.

This is a real-life case study, but we have changed the names and image of the children to protect their identities.




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