About our children

When most people think about adoption, they envisage young babies. Although we do have babies needing to be placed for adoption, the reality is that the majority of children who need adopting across the UK are over the age of one and there is a broad age range.

Many of our children may have complex needs coming from an uncertain background or have emotional difficulties stemming from their early experiences.


Families who can help keep brothers and sisters together are much needed and welcomed. Some of our children include brothers and sisters who need to stay together. Read our profiles to find out more about siblings who have been adopted.

Dual heritage

Some of our children have a dual heritage. This means they have two cultural backgrounds and so their need is greater to ensure a strong ethnic identity growing up. Some of the children may have suffered rejection or neglect and therefore need lots of love, understanding and affection from a family which can reflect or promote their own ethnic origin.