Meet the adopters

Whether you have already made the decision to adopt or are still thinking about it, hearing from people who have first-hand experience of adoption will give you a better insight into the process. Names have been changed and photographs are posed by models.

Sarah and Dean

Sarah and Dean adopted baby Steven through a Best for Baby concurrency placement.

Sophia and David

Sophia and David adopted a little boy via a Better Beginnings (Fostering for Adoption) early permanence placement.

James and Richard

A same sex couple who have adopted two brothers.


A single male adopter who is now the proud dad of five year old Sean.

Charlotte and Stephen

Charlotte and Stephen adopted three siblings and settled into being a family of five very quickly. They love their family and can't imagine life any other way.

Neil and Harris

A same sex mixed heritage couple who are about to celebrate their son's second birthday.


A single mum who adopted a little boy now aged 4, and loves life as a mummy.

Samantha and David

Samantha and David have two birth children. They are foster parents and have also adopted two boys Alex eight and Andrew six.

Vicki and Rick

Vicki and Rick adopted twin baby boys through a Best for Baby concurrency placement. Read their in-depth account of their adoption journey.

Kerry and Grayham

They adopted a brother and sister aged two and five, they now offer support to other prospective adopters.

Louise and Simon

Louise and Simon are concurrent carers looking after a 4 month old girl, Chloe.

David and Katy

David and Katy have been through the concurrency process twice and have now adopted a baby boy called Harry.

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