Our matching process

After you've been approved as an adoptive parent, the next stage is to match you with the child or children whose needs you are able to meet.

You may be thinking about choosing a child you want. But they in turn need a special person or couple, who can give them what they need.

We have a broad age range of children who need adopting. Many of the children may have complex needs or have emotional difficulties stemming from their early experiences. We'll work with you through the process to make sure you and your circumstances are the best fit for the child or young person.

This is really important. So we do everything it takes to make sure that the match is right.

And we’re proud of our successful record of creating strong, permanent placements. We’ll give you as much information as we possibly can about the child. You’ll also be able to talk to anyone who’s had contact with them, like their teacher, foster carer, and social worker. You’ll be asked to attend the adoption panel that approves the match. When that’s done, we’ll get together to plan the introductions, discuss when the child will be placed with you, and the support you might need. Once the child is successfully settled with you, we’ll help you apply to the court for an adoption order.

Once that’s granted, all the rights and responsibilities originally held by the birth parents, transfer to you.

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